Rachel has been a family photographer since 2008, and over the years has realized that a successful family session starts with clear communication between herself and clients! Setting expectations and anticipating hiccups so they can be addressed before the session begins are all foundations to focusing on the reason your clients chose you — beautiful, stress-free photos of their family!

Starting with going over location, time of day and outfit tips, the Prep Packet will also cover the types of bribery to avoid, along with letting parents know a few simple “rules” to follow to keep everyone happy and relaxed!

The packet is 19 pages long and is fully customizable only through the Canva app or website, and can be saved as JPEGS or a PDF file, but also can be saved for printing!

Prep Packet Includes:
19 pages of information on newborn prep for your clients from over a decade of my experience 
completely customizable Canva template
three design options with the ability to change color, font, style etc. 

*While we do not offer any refunds or exchanges we’d be happy to help you troubleshoot any problems that you may have.