After decades of photographing newborns within their first few weeks earthside, Rachel has put together a Prep Packet for photographers to send to new parents to not only congratulate them, but help them understand all the different parts to a successful newborn session.

From explaining starting time to why she photographs babies at certain ages, how the session flow works and what to expect during the shoot, this Prep Packet will take the guesswork out of what to tell your clients. You’ll also get insight into how Rachel’s sessions stay consistent — and Rachel has included tips and tricks to customizing this to keep it feeling like you!

Included in this easy to read, 20 page Prep Packet are welcome paragraphs, pre-session instructions, clothing and styling tips for families, what to expect at the session down to every detail, and a thank-you page!

The tone of the packet is informative, but conversational and gentle — increasingly clients are moving away from businesslike transactions and wanting to feel valued…as they should be! 

The Prep Packet is easily customizable only through the Canva app or website, and can be saved as JPEGS or a PDF file, but also can be saved for printing or printed through the Canva app / website.

Prep Packet Includes:
20 pages of information on newborn prep for your clients from over a decade of my experience 
completely customizable Canva template
three design options with the ability to change color, font, style etc. 

*While we do not offer any refunds or exchanges we’d be happy to help you troubleshoot any problems that you may have.